Notable Achievements

Turning around an at-risk project

Took on a project at risk for a major vendor in digital transformation and took it from decline to quadrupling the scope and success of the project within a quarter.

Setup & Growth

I took on a small pilot project focused purely on the UK for a SaaS vendor, doubled it in scope along with my team before moving to the US to expand the project across the pond. Grew the US side of the project by 150% during a span of 9 months. This was partially growth in the existing project, partially due to breaking into a new field of play.


I've recently worked with a branding agency struggling to land new clients which not only altered their entire sales process on the back of us working together but saw the benefit of it within 24 hours of our first session!


Alex P

Alex Poythress - Reveil

“When we hired Jon Thor we were at the bitter end of a brutal downturn in our sales cycle. Hiring Jon was actually our company's final Hail Mary and, believe it or not, paid for itself within 24 hours

He has proven to be our greatest asset in refining our brand message, closing contracts, and streamlining the client on-boarding process. My only regret in working with Jon is that we didn't start working with him from day 1.”

Mike N

Michael Nesbihal - EIMS

"Having worked on several programs with Jon, many of which were extremely challenging, I’ve watched Jon handle difficult situations with grace and turn around failing projects with his insight and leadership. I’m proud to have worked with Jon and feel lucky to have him on my side."


Samir Sayed - NinetyTwo

"Working with Jon was a natural choice. The amount of value he delivers in his consultancy even before becoming a client was unreal.

Jon is great at understanding the issues and provides succinct and practical advice that makes an impact. I couldn't recommend his services enough."

Kate G

Kate Goddard - Freelance Marketer

"Jon is an absolute pleasure to work with and for. With a keen eye for detail, excellent people management skills and great leadership abilities, there is little or nothing Jon isn't capable of."

Carlos N

Carlos Najar - Microsoft

"Jon's impressive skills and leadership qualities would make him an invaluable asset to any company.

In addition to his professional qualifications, Jon has personal qualities that make him well-suited for leadership.

He’s not afraid to take risks and often suggests new directions to explore. He’s committed to quality, growth, and progress, and he inspires team members to strive for the same."

Andrea M

Andrea Malatesta - Nearpod

"I have worked with Jon Thor on some difficult projects and there is no one I'd rather have on my team! Instead of letting setbacks get to him, Jon Thor is always there with creative ideas and a plan of attack. He was able to keep the team motivated and focused when I thought it wasn't possible.

This undoubtedly speaks to his professional skills. However, it speaks even more about his thoughtfulness and care as a manager and a leader. "


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