Too many sales people rely on cheap tricks, pushy tactics and pitching but, as with all my other services, my ideology is based around asking better questions. Better questions lead to better answers and truly caring about your customer means you always want to know more to ensure you're meeting their needs. Having studied up on many of the world's leading sales methodologies, trained people of all different skill levels and bringing a wide variety of experience and inspiration to the game, I don't just aim to make a short term impact on your results but a lasting, transformative one.

Notable Achievements

Lead Generation

Exceeded the performance expectations on a lead generation campaign for a major cybersecurity vendor through successfully leading a team achieving 80% in preceding quarter to achieving 103%, 111% and 115% of target respectively for the following quarters.

Channel Sales/Recruitment

Successfully lead a two-tiered channel campaign which included recruitment of channel partners for a major networking vendor and then progressed to driving revenue through these partners once fully onboard.

-Achieved the recruitment target 2 weeks before the end of the quarter (hitting 130% overall).

-Closed $500k of revenue and generated $2.4 million in the pipeline before we even started the second part of the project.

Inside Sales

Successfully led a software and SaaS sales team in the US

-Took over from a previous manager when the team was under 10% of their quarterly performance and about to lose the contract, to achieve the target in Q1.

-The team achieved 114% performance in Q2 and we mended the relationship to keep the project going strong for duration of my stay in Miami.

-I personally built a new program design and successfully pitched it to the client.



Justin Grant - NorthScale

“Jon is an amazing font of value, insight and expertise when it comes to sales strategy. Jon demonstrated an amazing ability to understand my industry in great depth. He provided such actionable feedback and value for me to incorporate that 24 hours later, I signed my biggest client to date. I'm so happy to have him in my network and am looking forward to having more sales strategy conversations with him!”

Mitch R

Mitch Reyes - Extreme Networks

"He was able to come in and turn an underperforming team into one of the top performing teams in the office. In addition to managing his own team very well, he also galvanized the rest of the office and revitalized the office culture."

Will H

William Haedo - Citrix

"He is a manager that is always willing to jump into the front lines with his team to ensure everyone is successful. His ability to remain positive throughout any situation is very admirable. I hope I get work with Jon again sometime in the future. Definitely worth recommending."


More Sales = More Money

That fact's a given but how to get more sales is debatable. I've worked with under-performing teams, analysed, coached and gotten them to over-perform but I've also worked with teams hitting quota, found inefficiencies, enabling them to over-achieve with the same (or less) amount of work.

Culture Indicates Results

A commonly overlooked element of a sales environment is culture and morale. If your team isn't passionate, driven and full of fire, your prospects won't be excited to buy from them.

I'll help drive and motivate your team, finding out what the missing piece to the puzzle really is.


What now?

Get in touch and let's see how I could help. If I can sell you my services, I'm sure I could help you, or your team, sell more effectively.