As a speaker, I can cover off a wide variety of topics but they are all connected by a simple idea:

We need to ask better questions!

A fire started by my own curiosity, fueled by a career in sales. presented with theatrical flair and genuine care; let me inspire you to ask better questions to obtain the answers you desire and deserve.

As a coach I don't try to force my style on you but rather help you find your style, your narrative and personal brand of storytelling to make you more comfortable, confident and impactful!

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F**k Money, Live Better

Originally written and presented at TEDxFarnham, I wanted to explore the idea that money shouldn’t determine human rights. In order to do so I came in loaded with stats, facts and references ranging from metal bands to Star Trek. 

In this talk I cover some of the shocking realities of our money obsessed world and look to inspire change within the mindsets of all those who attend. 

Suitable for:

Environmentalist Events, Political Events, Schools

What Everyone Can Learn From Great Sales People

Great sales people can not only get in front of some of the most important people in the world and sell to them but they can influence others, manage their states and make a real impact in any room they enter.

That's why the skills these people hone are so transferable and useful for everyone, even if they never intend to sell a product or service.

Jobseeking, presenting, networking or even dating are situations where true world class sales skill can help everyone involved have a better experience.

Would you like to learn how to learn, transfer and utilise these skills?

Then this talk is for you!

Suitable for:

Schools, Businesses, Career/Job fairs


Apire To Inspire

What job do you want to have? Where do you want to be in 5 years? We’re asked these sorts of questions all the time but who do you truly aspire to be? 

Building on top of ideas like Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” as well as many of my own, I dive into the difference between goals, aspirations and dreams, towards & away mindsets, and challenge audience members to plan not for the role they want to have but for the person they want to be. 

Suitable for:

Schools, businesses, team building, motivational events, career or job fairs 

*Can be expanded into a fully interactive workshop 

What Sales People Can Learn From Dating, Stand-up comedians and starving artists

Sales has a pretty bad name in the public eye and while you may have been trained in techniques and tactics in sales deemed a “necessary evil” once you start extrapolating them and putting them in a different context you’ll often see them for what they are: Manipulative, dishonest and damaging. 

So what’s the alternative? Well, rather than look to other places simply for comparison, how about we figure out what works in other walks of life and incorporate those into our sales techniques? 

Suitable for:

Businesses, sales conventions, training seminars, business schools 

*Can be expanded into a fully interactive workshop 



Johnathon Lopez - Board Member at Red Alligator LLC

"I've heard a lot of people speak to groups of people and you are without a doubt the best of them. If we ever have that need I'll reach out for sure."

Paul Williams

Paul Williams - Yack

"Jon’s talks create genuine inspiration as he speaks with true passion and conviction and has an obvious desire to help those not only around him but people he has yet to meet and those he may never meet."


Bijou Casende - Gartner

"His comedic approach has always stuck with me because while it lightened the room, it never diluted his intelligence on the subject at hand."

James Wright

James Wright - Fruitful Marketing

“It was a pleasure an absolute joy to listen to your talk. Yours was the best live talk I have ever heard and trust me I have heard MANY!”

Jo F

Joseph Flint - Richard Language College

"Jon, you could honestly do a TED Talk on paint drying, but somehow manage to make it interesting!"

Public Speaking

Genuine Care & Theatrical Flair

With a varied experience covering theatre, writing, care taking, sales and leadership, I've amalgamated knowledge and the ability to deliver both said knowledge and a fresh perspective on it in a passionate, insightful way.

When I take the stage, inventive analogies, pop culture references and humour collide with serious topics and audience participation.

Multitude of Topics

Topics for a custom made presentation for your event:

  • Mental Health
  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Tech/Innovation
  • Communication
  • Music/Art/Video Games
  • Social Politics

What now?

If you're in search of a dynamic speaker for your event or need some coaching in public speaking, reach out.