Welcome to the Shape of Business To Come!

The classics have gone out of style and it's time for some new noise on the scene.

This is why I, Jon Thor who finds it incredibly awkward to write about himself in the third person, have decided to get this website up and running to introduce and offer my services to all interested parties.

What are those services? I'm glad you've asked; My services range from sales coaching and business consultation to mentoring and public speaking. No matter what service I'm delivering my ideology remains the same:

The answer to better sales, better business and a better life, lies within asking better questions.

Whether you're a sales person/team in need of coaching, an entrepreneur or startup looking to take your next steps or an event looking for an engaging and inspirational speaker, allow me to ask the questions that get you thinking, and acting, differently.

My corporate experience started with working with over a dozen world leading tech companies, helping them market and sell their products and services more effectively. I've done this across all EMEA and NALA markets, covering different regions, languages and types of technology.

More recently I've been working with smaller startups on their overall business strategy, sales and marketing as well as serving as a Devil's Advocate of sorts for them to bounce ideas off of.

For more about my experience or how I arrived at the decision to brand myself as a Corporate Punk & Creative Nerd navigate around the site where you'll find not just info but also references from a variety of people on my different services and skillsets.

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What now?

If you're in need of assistance and the classics have gone out of style, reach out and allow me to provide you with the shape of business to come.

Email me on Jon@Jon-Thor.com or click the button to the side.